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Welcome, I’m Nicholas Dunnage, founder and creator of Smart Restoration. A quality driven company dedicated in bringing enjoyment and satisfaction to classic car ownership.


Having been in the industry for over 30 years I have gained an intimate knowledge of restoration and it’s complexities right down to its finest details.

Entering into the industry in early 1993 as an apprentice in the coach painting side of restoration and motor vehicle repair. I quickly gained recognition for my work and moved into vintage car restoration paint work as a young 20 year old living in Wellington New Zealand.

Soon after moving to Sydney Australia in my mid 20's I accepted a role with a Brookvale NSW based Jaguar restorer where my skills and abilities flourished into full and comprehensive restoration knowledge. Inside that company I managed the completed workshop operations and responsibilities of creating a multitude of concour winning Jaguars and Aston Martins with an ever evolving team of fellow craftsman.

Over the past 20 plus years I have gained an intimate knowledge of restoration, from the initial discussions over a desired project right through to the final testing and handover of a comprehensively restored Jaguar or Aston. I am entirely hands on, capable and experienced in delivering the very finest in motor vehicle restoration and custom bespoke builds. I have an unbridled passion for classic Jaguar and Aston's that is impossible to hide and poured into every car I lay my hand to.

My hands on approach to managing restorations of both Jaguar and Aston Martin has culminated in a multitude of concour outright winners. While these British marques are my background and expertise I have a passion for all quality makes; GT cars, sports cars, performance and vintage cars alike.


The directive of Smart Restoration is to bring you, the classic car enthusiast the most efficient and enjoyable restoration process you’ve experienced. Be you a first time buyer or a well seasoned veteran, my business is to save you money and deliver on quality.


Be your needs full comprehensive restoration, sympathetic or partial restoration, modifications, upgrades, purchase advice and valuations or even rescuing that project that may have spiralled out of control. I am a fellow enthusiast with years of experience, offering you a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 



Be it British or any other, it’s all about getting a result, all while making the process enjoyable, as ownership of any classic should be.


Nicholas Dunnage

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